The Royal Statistical Society is one of the oldest statistical societies in the world, dating from 1834 as the Statistical Society of London.  The Society is based in London and has a number of Local Groups around the UK and further overseas.

The group in Manchester is very active and draws support from all 3 universities as well as from industry and business.  We try to meet 5-6 times a year with meetings held on wide-ranging topics.

These are not generally very technical – there are many academic seminars held by the local University departments which can generally be found by clicking on one of the departmental links on the left.  Recent meetings have dealt with such diverse topics as UK Biobank, Statistics and the Law and tropical disease epidemiology.

Everyone is welcome to attend and it is not generally necessary to book your place or to find a Fellow of the Society to hold your hand so feel free and drop by.  If of course you would like to join the Society, the easiest way is to come to one of the meetings but if that is not possible, drop me an email.

This web site is maintained to inform people of events.  We have an email list and if you would like to be included in this, feel free to subscribe following the link on the left.  You can unsubscribe using the same link.